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Lens Names for Reference

CMW 6 frames_edited.jpg

Lite Mirror Coat

Standard   Clip-Ons


 Custom Clip-on        Example

Mirror Coat Option

RD-1 Normal

CMW RD-1 NON-MIRROR_edited_edited.jpg

RD-1 with Solid Silver Mirror Coat

CMW RD-1 MIRROR COAT_edited_edited.jpg

Color Testing and Billing Software!





If you're an Optical Office and want more Info click here 

Available Lenses:  PU-1,   RD-1,   RD-2,   BR-1,   YW-1,   GR-1 (PU-1 Poly,  All others CR-39

In Stock Orders:

>> Standard Frame & Lens   (Black Frame, as in trial kit, with Plano lenses)   

>> Standard Clip-on   ("Claw" style,  One size only)

>> Plano Lens Blanks (set),  (for edging into different frame or custom clip-on)

Special Orders/Options:   (Additional time needed)

>> Mirror Coat (Solid Silver) (not available on Standard Clip-On)   

>> Custom Clip-on (will match patient frame) (corner grips with bridge bar- see above)   

>> Chemistrie Clip-on (Magnetic) (Base Curve limited) (will match patient frame)

>> RX Lens Blanks (Surfaced) (Only in SV or basic Progressive -18mm Minimum Seg ht) (60-90 Day Processing)  (PU-1 is Poly,  All others will be CR-39) 

If Mailing in a frame, send to:      Color My World

                                                       1001 Millis Av, Ste B

                                                       Boonville, IN  47601

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  • How do Color My World glasses work?
    They are all double filters of light, each filters 2 different wavelengths of light (or colors). This is why each one will help different versions of Color Deficiency. The lenses filter “down” the wavelengths/colors that they see well to allow the colors they do not see well to now become visible. Yet when they work, it does not dim their over-all vision.
  • Can we predict which glasses will help which type of patient?
    Not fully. We have had patients test out to be the exact same type and severity of CB, yet they chose different lenses to help. In short, simply have every type and every severity (even very mild) try on all 5 and they normally will find 2 or 3 that help. Then when possible, take them outside for final selection.
  • How were these particular lenses formulated and chosen by CMW?
    After working with 13 different "CB Lenses" these have been the 5 most popular. The Order of "popularity" from greatest to least is: PU-1, RD-1,BR-1, Gr-1 and YW-1. We hope, with more research and trials, to be able to add more lenses to the kit and expand the number of Patients we can help. If/when that happens, all Kit owners will have the new lens offered to them.
  • What are the lenses made from?
    The Purple lens (PU-1) is poly, the other 4 are Plastic.
  • Do CMW lenses have ultraviolet light protection?
    Yes, all have at least 95% UV protection.
  • What is the CMW Warranty?
    1 year for manufacturer defects on the frames, the lenses do not come with a scratch resistant coating, but I will give a 6 month warranty against wear and tare scratches, should they become significant (judgement to the EyeCare Professional) We suggest instructing all patients to take care of the lenses. They are the “magic” part of the equation. Should they break the frame, the lenses could always be used in another. Hopefully All offices will dispense them with a Good hard Case and a cleaning cloth...
  • What base curve and lens size are the plano lens blanks?
    The PU-1 is a 4.75 BC and 65mm diameter, the other 4 are 3.0 BC and 70mm diameter
  • How to get blanks cut into different style frames?
    Hopefully you have a good relationship with your lab and they should be willing to edge the lenses into a different frame for the patient. (Make sure a 65-70mm lens will be big enough) Your Lab will likely not guarantee the lenses, because they are not supplying them.
  • How to get custom clip-ons made?
    Hopefully you have a lab that can do it for you if you send them the Lens Blanks and the frame to match. Or contact CMW and we can recommend a lab. ALSO our lenses will work with the Chemistrie magnetic clip-ons. The Base Curve of our lens blanks does limit the power range. You can ask your Chemistrie lab if it will work on an individual basis. (We will be working to increase the options with Chemistrie in the near future)
  • Are these lenses “Rx-able”?
    Yes in all ACCEPT the PU-1. (At this time) In power range +/- 5.00 up to 3.0 cyl CMW highly recommends using the Chemistrie Magnetic clip system for RX wearers. This system allows for a full range of "base lens" options and powers. Chemistrie labs are full service labs, the lens and frame can often be billed through insurance. The CMW Lenses and the making of the magnetic clip is an extra out-of-pocket expense. You can contact CMW for pricing and help getting these made for your patients.
  • Should your office charge a test-tryon fee?
    That is up to every office to decide. Most offices do not charge extra as long as it is tried the same day as a complete eye exam. If they call and have had a recent eye exam else ware, then some offices charge a “trial/fitting” fee. ($25-$50 range is typical)
  • What cosmetic changes can be added to the lenses?
    A mirror coating (Solid Silver) can be added to “hide” the color of the lenses. (Normally just requested for the PU-1 and the RD-1) If your lab can not add the coating, or you do not wish to go thru the extra steps, The CMW lab can add the coating for an added fee.
  • How do CMW lenses compare to the "grey" glasses seen on the internet?"
    That main company sells mostly, direct to the public. (typically for $350-$400) They have a darker grey outdoor tint and a lite grey indoor tint. If the person likes the glasses they keep them, if not they can be returned for a refund. That "on-line" brand is one of the 13 we have been testing. We have found only about 20-25% of TOTAL CB patients get ANY help from that brand. Of those that do, the vast majority have still preferred a lens in our Kit! We ONLY sell to EyeCare Profesionals, NO On-Line sales by Color My World! When patients find our web-page, they use the list of providers at the bottom to call for an appointment.
  • Does CMW provide an retail displays, signs or handouts?"
    YES, CMW will provide every reseller with several POP items: A small poster, small countertop display, and mirror cling. Feel free to create any advertising you want with our materials.
  • What is the sales process when patients want a pair of glasses/lenses?
    We DO Not recommend dispensing out of the kit. You should keep it full incase you have another patient needing to try them all on. You can go to our web page and simply type in your office name and which style(s) you need and a patient name. Example: Best Practice, Best Town, USA, please send us One of the PU-1 (Purple) frame and lens for patient; Jones along with a clip-on in the RD-1(Red) for patient Smith Then hit SEND! Or call 1-833-424-7662. You will be sent an e-invoice to the e-mail on file. That can be paid on-line or printed out and mail in a check.
  • What is the return policy if we buy the kit and don't draw business?
    We are certain of the CMW-kit's ability to help many CB Patients. But the Kit needs to be used to find those WOW reactions. So we ask that if you have tried it on at least 10 CB Patients and you are not convinced. Return it up to a FULL YEAR later for a FULL REFUND.
  • How many color deficient patients can we expect to find?
    If you use the screener cards to check EVERY Patient, you will find 5-10% that are Color Deficient. Then have them ALL try on the glasses, even if they say “NO, I've been this way all my life”….etc... Just tell them you have new CB Glasses and you would Love their help just testing them to see if they work!..... Once you get them to try on the glasses….. They are often amazed and become very interested!
  • If we test everyone, what are the expected results?"
    You should find 25-30% that will get the big WOW Reaction! Then another ~60% that will get a good gain, but not quite the life changing event. Yet it is often still enough improvement to make a purchase. Not everyone has the amazing reactions, this means do not give up if your first few don’t respond well…… You will find the WOW reactions, and You will LOVE helping many CB patients see a whole new world!!
  • What else can I do to increase growth using these lenses?
    As offices see the results, and find the WOW’s, We actually recommend contacting the "big on-line company" to add their product to your kit…. For a few reasons: A.) Many patients have also seen those videos and will want to know if they are even better than the CMW Kit. Allow them to try them. (We do not fear the competition!!) In that very rare case that someone prefers that brand, you could perhaps direct them to that company. B.) If the Kit does not help them much, it is good to be able to show them the "on-line" brand did not help either. Tell them, AFTER they try it, that they just tried the "big on-line" company. C.) More Options = Help More Patients! That is really what this is about. You may want to carry other CB products also, such as: the X-Chrome or Chroma Gen Contacts, Vino Optics Glasses, Or Red Monochrome Glasses..etc NO Non-compete agreements from CMW!
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