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 A Color Deficient Optometrist’s Experience

"I read the banner of the Color My World booth at a vision trade show in Atlanta, and continued walking. Then I stopped.  As an optometrist with strong red/green deficiency, I remembered how those single red contact lenses and similar products never seemed to work.  I thought, what if I was missing something.  I turned around and went back to the Color My World booth to take a look.  I continued to be skeptical but agreed to try them on.  When I got to the third set of lenses I was very surprised. 


Reds greens and blues became more vibrant than I had ever seen before.  I struggled to find the words to describe what I was seeing Colors were more true and bright than I had seen before.  So I purchased a kit for my office and took my new glasses on a trip to Cabo a couple weeks later. Each morning I enjoyed sitting next to my wife and watching the sunrise.  The colors I described with the glasses on match almost exactly the way she saw it.  I was truly amazed and excited to have this option to see and enjoy the world in a whole new way." 


an O.D. from Kansas 


About 1/4 of our Kits have gone to Color Deficient Doctors that tried them on at a trade show!


As an Eye Care Professional, we thank you for considering these innovative glasses.   Your Color deficient/ colorblind patients deserve the chance to brighten their view of the world! 

If professionals like yourself do not make this available, it will become yet another inferior product your patients order on-line hoping they work. 


We are so confident in the ability of this kit, we offer every office an entire year to use it with a full money-back guarantee.   If you simply screen for CVD and then have them try on the glasses, they will sell themselves!

Thank you!

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