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"My World is so Dull"  he said with tears
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                A Color Deficient Optometrist's Experience! OD from        Kansas

Are You an EyeCare Professional?  Would you like information about how to get the Color My World Kit into your office?  Then contact us via the message box or phone # below!!  



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         "I read the banner of the Color My World booth at SECO, (a Vision trade show in Atlanta) and continued walking.  Then I stopped....  As an Optometrist with significant RED/GREEN Deficiency, I remembered single red contact lenses in school and some other lenses that never seemed to work.  "What if I am missing something?"

        I turned around and went to the booth.  I continued to be skeptical, but agreed to try them on.  When I got to the third set of lenses,  I was very surprised....  Reds and Greens and Blues became more vibrant than I had ever seen them.  I struggled to find words to describe what I was seeing.  Colors were just so true and bright!

         I purchased a kit for the office, and took my new glasses on a trip to Cabo a couple weeks later.  Each morning, I enjoyed sitting next to my wife and watching the sunrise.  The colors I described with the glasses on, matched almost exactly the way she saw it.  I was truly amazed and I'm excited to have this option to see and enjoy the world in a whole new way!"                 

    RD-1 Normal

    Mirror Coating Option

        Solid Silver Mirror

    About Us

    A Provider of Big Scale Color Enhancement





       Color My World..  The finest collection of glasses to enhance color vision for the Color Blind/ Color Deficient!   Only Available through Eye Care Professionals with our Color My World Kit of filtering lenses in their office!  Our first trade show to sell the Kits was in February 2018! (We are a brand new company, offering a brand new way to truly help many Color Deficient Patients)  See our "List of Providers" to find your nearest location,  These glasses need to be experienced, to find the best option for each color deficient person!  The collection has been tested and developed  by an eyecare professional and has proven to be 

    very effective!!  

    A few Office Responses!

    "We just experienced our first color my world glasses exam...and it was successful!  Very exciting for our staff to experience."

    "Had our first Wow today! He left in tears...... enjoying your set. Today’s patient said to buy “Stock” in your company!"

    "We had a magic moment today.  Someone put on the lenses, tears streaming down their cheek, a great experience!"

    "I love having the kit...... love being able to offer it to our patients, and have already received a few WOW responses"

    A Kit Owning, Color Deficient OD: “While there are varying degrees of responses, the majority of our color deficient patients have found the glasses helpful in seeing colors more vividly and spotting color differences.  For the (Color Deficient) skeptics, try them out in person to see it may be helpful in your daily world.”

    An OD 's first (DANGEROUS) trial: "Finally was able to try the glasses on my father-in-law.  The first 4 generated about no response... then the last pair, the yellow pair, got the response.  Very cool experience."

    A Color Deficient Ophthalmologist: "It is a brilliantly colored morning thanks to you.  I was driving with my(your) glasses on and it was a definite WOW.  When I put them on at Vision Expo I didn't notice enough functional effect to be off-the-wall enthusiastic, the difference came in a very special way - RED TRAFFICLIGHTS and BRAKING LIGHTS.  I instantly became a safer driver!  Thanks"

    Are You Color-Blind?  If so, use the list of Providers below to find the closest office to you...... call and make an appointment for the chance to greatly enhance your view of the WORLD! (Or ask your current Dr. to bring our Kit into their office!!)


    Color Deficient/Colorblind patients NEED to have this option available from their Eye Care Professionals.  Ordering brands off the internet and hoping they work, is not how the public should be seeking help.  The Color My World Kit is proving to help multiple Versions of Color Blindness (Red-Green, Blue-Yellow, Deuteran and Protan)



    List of current Eye Care Professionals with the Color My World Kit,                                  Call one for an appointment today!                     




    Good Optical Services

    Suite 2A, 4 Rocklea Dr

    Port Melbourne, Vic 3207



    Vision Care

    345 Central Av N

    Swift Current, Saskatchewan


    Voir... Etre Vu

    3071 Concord Est

    Laval, QC


    Les Binocles

    5975 Monk



    Total Vision Eye Care

    J2-308 Taunton Rd E

    Whitby, ON  L1R 0H4



    Jian Lihui MD

    114-111 Jinhu Road, Huli District

    Xiamen City, Fujian Province



    OptiClinica Robles

    Drs. Hector, Marco, And Jose Robles
    Centro Medico
    Santa Rosa, Copan Honduras


           Puerto Rico

    Dr. Nora Alcocer

    Jose Celso Barbosa #46

    Las Piedras, P.R.


        Saudi Arabia

    Almana General Hospitals

    Akbar Khan MD

    Al-Kobar 31952

    Kingdom Of Saudia Arabia




    Gardner Eye Care  

    846 Fort Dale Rd

    Greenville, AL  36037


    Alabama Coast Eye Clinic

    261 Clubhouse Dr

    Gulf Shores, AL  36542