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Sold Only thru EyeCare Professionals!!!

Incredible Breakthrough
for the Colorblind...…..
Color My World Glasses

Many of those who suffer from color-deficiency have come to accept their condition and move on with their lives, unaware of recent developments.  Now, for many of the color-deficient, they have an opportunity to greatly widen their range of color perception with these incredible Color My World glasses.  If you are one of the MILLIONS of color-deficient people in the world, we invite you to try this unique product.

Understanding the Science

A normal eye has Millions  of "color" cones that come in just 3 types: S, M & L (Blue, Green & Red)  Your brain combines the various signal strength from the 3 cone types  allowing us to see the full spectrum of COLORS!

Color deficiencies develop when you either lack the proper number of 1 or more cone type or lack 1 or more entire cone type.  This is most often something you are born with.   Certain eye conditions can also cause a loss of color vision. (Acquired Color-Deficiency)

The 6 lens options in the CMW Kit each filter different wavelengths of light (color).  Each color-deficient person needs to find the lens that filters their functioning cones allowing the signals from their deficient cones to become visible.  (Addition by Subtraction)  

Take the Colorblind Test

The card to the right (or below) is used to quickly screen for color deficiency.  Both Red/Green deficiency and Blue/Yellow will be detected.  If you miss any of the numbers, you are deficient and should try on the CMW kit of glasses at your nearest partner office!

                    HAPPY Customer Letters!!

Tacoma Washington...

   "My wife and I picked up my new color blind glasses. First thing I did was open my phone and take this color blind test    Before I failed it 100%, this time I passed 100%. I walked around the store looking at everything with any color.  Our next stop was a local green house that was loaded with many colors. The colors leap out at me in brilliance, radiance and splendor. We had a few people stop and ask questions. I felt like a kid at the fair, I looked around at everything in awe. The brightness of the yellows and oranges. The blues and purples jumping out with radiance. I saw colors, many colors I have no idea what their names are, I’ll have a hell of a learning curve...

Chula Vista, CA

   "It is a brilliantly colored morning thanks to you.  I was driving with my(your) glasses on and it was a definite WOW.  RED TRAFFICLIGHTS and BRAKING LIGHTS.  I instantly became a safer driver!  Thanks"


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Watch Short trailer Video Below

Channel 14 News Reports on Color Awakening

Imagine seeing colors you've never experienced before. Tri-State News 14 reported on a young boy and his Grandfather that found a world of new colors thanks to Dr Hyndman and the Color My World glasses.  These revolutionary eyeglasses expand the range of colors for many colorblind or color-deficient people.  Helping them to see the World in brighter, more Vivid Colors.

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Actual Comments from Eye Care Offices

If you are an Eye-Care Professional we would love having your office as a partner to help bring the Color My World products to your color-deficient patients.  Our products have enjoyed steady growth by a welcoming group of Professional Offices and consumers who appreciate the enhanced color and benefits these glasses can provide. 

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